Odisha Day 2019 – Cultural Signup

Our goal is to showcase variety of of Odia and Odisha related cultural programs (Odia songs, Odissi classical music, Odissi dance, Chhau, Paika, Dalkhai,  Danda, Ghoda Nacha, Rasarkeli, Giti Natya, Kela Keluni, Odia movie songs. Gotipua, Bandha etc..) . We encourage quality and creativity.
Each and every item needs to be related to the  theme as ‘Odisha/Odiya’.
We encourage group (4 or more participants)
You may either bring a group or join a group
There are time limits for each category
If you are a professional or semi professional, please contact direcly osacalifornia@gmail.com to arrange some solo performance. This will depend on the availability of slots
Once selected, you will receive confirmation with reporting time (11am – 4pm)
All performers must report at the event 30 mins prior to the event time.
Application Dead line: Mar 22nd
Audio submission dead line (if needed): Mar 29th
(Audios will be not be shared with anybody and be deleted after the show)